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MELCHERS partner Dr Joerg Hofmann WWL "Entertainment Lawyer of the Year"

MELCHERS is pleased to announce another award for our partner Dr Joerg Hofmann: Having already achieved a top position within Germany in the independent ranking by "Who's Who Legal" this year, he has now been honoured with the international award "Entertainment Lawyer of the Year" by this committee. The presentation of this award was initially scheduled to take place at a black tie ceremony in London earlier this year, but unfortunately had to be cancelled due to the pandemic and replaced by a digital announcement.

Who’s Who Legal comments “In judging the WWL awards we study the nominations made by clients and fellow professionals. Our bespoke database weights each recommendation according to the standing of the nominator: So a vote from the general counsel of a major corporation or one of the practice area's leading lights carries greater weight than that of a less frequently nominated lawyer. The individual who scores highest in our research is named as WWL Lawyer or Expert of the Year.”

MELCHERS and Dr Hofmann himself (Head of the Melchers Gaming and Betting Law Practice Group) are honoured by this recognition and are excited about this sign of international recognition and appreciation.