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FeSR and MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte cooperate on eSports matters

The Research Center for Esports Law of the University of Augsburg ("FeSR") and the law firm MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte concluded a cooperation agreement in May 2020 to pursue research in esports law jointly. The main content of the collaboration is the dialogue between practice and science with a focus on gambling law.

The FeSR is an independent institution of the Faculty of Law of the University of Augsburg under the direction of Prof. Dr. Martin Maties. The aim of the institution is to conduct legal research in the field of esports. Furthermore, the FeSR sees itself as a contact for politics, ministries, associations and companies.

MELCHERS has many years of experience in advising clients in the entertainment sector with a special focus on the world of sports and the increasingly important esports market. The experts of the practice group " Sports & eSports" have, in addition to the relevant specialist knowledge, valuable experience in the cooperation with national and international sports associations and authorities as well as in dealing with sports jurisdiction. The integrated practice group "Gambling Law" enjoys an international reputation and is one of the best addresses in Germany. The esports team can always draw on their many years of experience with regulatory developments.

Dr. Jakob, member of the practice group Sports & eSports at MELCHERS, comments the cooperation as "a further element of a network between practice and science, which MELCHERS maintains in many areas. Our lawyers have a high professional standard and want not only to apply the law but also to shape it through continuous exchange with science. There are interesting parallels in the fields of sports and gambling. Within the scope of the cooperation with FeSR we can make an important contribution to making esports in Germany even more professional and successful without neglecting the important aspects of youth and player protection. Gambling and sport, as far as they are digital, are still at an early stage of their development in their legal aspects".

"A complex subject like esports cannot be researched in isolation, but must be examined in the context of the economic developments and the practical problems of all areas of law. In this context, all actual phenomena that are closely related to esports are important. Content creation (especially streaming) as well as micro transactions in the game (especially lootboxes) can be used as examples," says Prof. Dr. Martin Maties, director of the Research Center for Esports Law. "At this point, hardly any publisher finances themselves through the esports aspect of their games, but mainly through in-game purchases. The question of whether in-game purchases can be considered gambling is currently the talk of the town. Furthermore, there are a lot of (potential) esports titles in which “RNG” is a factor. Therefore, we are delighted to have MELCHERS Rechtsanwälte, one of the leading law firms in esports and gambling law in Germany, as our cooperation partner."