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MELCHERS supports Heidelberg Criminal Moot Court

Nothing motivates a student more than the opportunity to put his theoretical knowledge into practice. For law students the "Moot Courts" are such a possibility. In simulated court hearings, they assume the roles of the various parties to the proceedings, draft written pleadings and appear in the oral hearing. Moot Courts exist in the various fields of law and at regional, national and international level.

MELCHERS has been supporting the Heidelberg team of the renowned Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot for many years. MELCHERS was therefore very happy to answer positively to ELSA-Heidelberg's request for support for a criminal law moot court.

Patrick Winter, attorney at law in the Heidelberg office of MELCHERS, worked with the participating students in a preparatory workshop on the course of criminal proceedings and the relevant standards of the StPO (German "Code of Criminal Procedure"). The workshop was followed by a simulated oral hearing under the direction of RiAG Zimmer-Odenwälder, assisted by Prof. Haas of the Faculty of Law of the University of Heidelberg and Mr. Winter of MELCHERS. After the "main hearing" this was subsequently discussed with the student actors.

The participants agreed that the criminal law Moot Court was a very good opportunity to rehearse the "legal case of emergency" already in the third or fourth semester. A repetition is therefore not excluded...